Pregnancy & Chiropractic Care

While pregnancy is normal and natural, the stresses to the female body while the baby grows inside can become quite uncomfortable.

The quick addition of weight and additional nutrient requirement that can occur as the fetus grows in the womb can make for an unstable pelvis and lower spine. The instability can be aggravated with lack of exercise.

As the pregnancy advances the are a cascade of hormonal changes causing ligaments of the pelvis to loosen in preparation for labor and delivery. These loose pelvic ligaments along with the instability of the additional weight can lead to minor misalignments of the spine and pelvis resulting in low back pain, leg pain, soreness and achiness making sleep difficult and having a general feeling of instability.

Chiropractors can often make mild adjustments to the back and pelvis that bring significant relief. Sometimes a little ‘Click’ is felt during the chiropractic adjustment to the spine and pelvis that can bring quick and sometimes dramatic relief.

Chiropractors will often also recommend a series of exercises and stretching to help relieve pain and provide increased stability by strengthening the muscles. Sometimes women will have more than usual ligament laxity and the ‘Click’ of an adjustment brings welcome relief that might need to be done more frequently the closer a woman is to delivery.

There are many testimonies of women claiming that getting adjusted helps them to relax and have a faster and easier delivery. Why not find out if Relief is just a click away.